Lepin 15018 Sunshine Hotel time-lapse build

Lepin 15018 Sunshine Hotel time-lapse build

Just released, a 4:40 hrs condensed into a 5:01 minute time lapse high speed build. During the build video there are many detailed pictures shown of the interior and exterior of this modular house.

Build Table Setup

The build starts with all the parts sorted using the knolling system for the 3196 parts to make them fit them on the table and still be findable. On the left are all white, grey, black and blue parts with nops, in the middle the sand coloured and special parts and on the right the flat plates (and this set includes many flat plates to build a very detailed ground floor mosaic).

Manual During Build

The build was very enjoyable with a clear printed manual. I did have issues with the rendering of the darker colours (black, dark grey and dark blue) in the manual. They were hard to distinguish and hence got mixed up. This became particular difficult as the dark blue had to be peeled out of mosaic ground floor on which even the provided orange brick puller could not pop the pieces.

Also the order of the instructions for building the floors is awkward. It would have helped to first show the white floors pieces flipped up-side down and then apply the grey construction plates to connect them (which is how I built it eventually).

The 45 degree turned corner facade is build using a 2×2 flat spin plate. On some levels it was difficult to attach this plate in the right place. Again it would have helped to show a flipped picture to position this piece correctly. The quality of this spin plate is not great. In the in-depth review I will show in details my issues with this.


In general it took about 1 hour per floor. The end-result is a very detailed building which fits perfectly with the other modular buildings in the Lego Creator / Lepin Streetview series.

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