Modular Building Barnes & Noble / Starbucks Store (Lepin 15017)

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The Barnes and Noble store is a large modular building from Lepin that has 3 fully furnished floors. The first two floors of this set are floors on which you can buy books and toys, while the third floor is a Starbucks Cafe. This building follows the official modular guidelines. Minifigures need a store to buy books to expand their knowledge, and a cafe to stay wide awake! This set is an MOC idea kickstarted at LEGO ideas by wooootles. Unfortunately the idea did not reach the threshold to make it to a production phase. Luckily LEPIN has released this set under the number LEPIN 15017. This set is very large with 4616 (!) pieces and based on the box cover around 11 minifigures. It is one of the largest sets in the Creator series.

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> 16 years old

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